Setting the Standard for Small Business Technology Services


No Contracts

No Monthly Fees

Guaranteed Response Time

40% Lower Rates

Our approach puts our clients’ needs above everything else.

User Friendly is a dedicated team of technology professionals. We understand the nuances of small businesses and provide expertise and insight based on your specific needs.


Our comprehensive services for small businesses bring you the expertise and advantages that an on-site IT department can provide – tailored to fit your needs – and at a fraction of the cost.  Every User Friendly client can expect:


  • Analysis of your existing systems, software, users and hardware to best protect your current assets and plan for future needs.
  • A fully customized preventative and proactive maintenance program based specifically on your needs that is developed with you and your team.
  • Access to our network of providers with the financial benefits of our enterprise level purchasing power.

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User Friendly is different.

We are not an MSP

Rates up to 40% Less than Comparable Services

We Don’t Hold You Hostage

Our services are not subscription based, and each client can determine exactly how to utilize us.  There are no time or financial requirements and no monthly fees.

We focus exclusively on small businesses and know that IT costs can often be overwhelming.  We pool the buying power of all of our clients to ensure the best possible prices.

Your company’s important technology information belongs to you; we provide all of that information to you and keep it up-to-date, so you have everything you need to move to a different provider if we don’t earn your business every day.

Results don’t lie.

User Friendly is passionate about their job.

- NFL Alumni

NFL allumni-our client

A truly happy experience.

- AdServices, Inc.

User Friendly is always there for me.

- Integrated Pain Solutions of

  South Florida

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Not only does User Friendly bring their attention to detail, industry knowledge, and great personality but more importantly, their passion. Passion in the work place is a rarity; to find someone that believes in their job, understands it’s purpose, and loves every moment with their customers as they do, succeeds. You will succeed with User Friendly!

We are an advertising agency with both MAC and PC computers and finding the right IT company to help with our issues has been a struggle for more than 4 years. I came upon User Friendly Technology Services and they fixed our issues on the first visit and even setup remote access so he can help remotely if needed. It was truly happy experience. We’ll definitely call on User Friendly Technology Services the next time we are in a jam. Thanks!

 I have used User Friendly for the past several years as my business and IT needs have grown exponentially. User Friendly has always been there for me, both by remote as well as by on-site service calls. Furthermore, they anticipate my future needs and continue to build a system which is both economical and not lacking in foresight.

We bring the human element to IT Services.

We provide customized IT services to small business clients across all industries.  The enables us to focus on the specific needs of companies with 50 employees or less and allows us to create solutions that are specific to your situation and needs.


Find out how we can help you.  Give us a call at (954) 780-8677 or schedule a call with us.

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NFL allumni-our client
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