Administration & Maintenance

Are you running your business on older computers, routers and other legacy technologies?  If so, chances are you and your employees are putting the business at risk and running inefficiently.  Outdated hardware can mean major inefficiencies, security risks and ultimately lost revenues. User Friendly provides South Florida small businesses with a variety of best of class hardware solutions for their office environments including:


Looking for assistance with procuring, upgrading or servicing your PC and Apple business desktops? We are partnered with major manufacturers and wholesale distributors and assist in desktop upgrades or purchasing the right desktops for your business needs.


On the go? Before you buy a laptop for your business be aware that not all laptops are created equal. We can service or help you procure the right business machines for your needs at our Enterprise-level pricing so that you get the right machine at the best possible price.


Our professional technicians can install, maintain, monitor, upgrade or procure a business class server for your business. Need help making decisions about a server for your small business? Look no further, User Friendly has decades of experience and will provide you with the answers you need.


Few things are more frustrating than a printer that is broken or not communicating with your network. With User Friendly, help is a simple phone call away. Let us be your one-stop source for printer procurement, installations, repairs and general troubleshooting.


Need desktop scanners for your office? Leverage our Enterprise-level buying power to get the right equipment at the right price. We’ll procure, install and make sure everything is in proper working order so scanning documents is fast and easy.


Few things are more important to your business than your network speed and security. Having the right routers and firewalls properly installed is one area of your IT infrastructure that cannot be overlooked. Our clients count on User Friendly to specify the right equipment, set it up and maintain it so that their network stays running at maximum efficiency with proper security measures in place.


Running into issues with wireless internet connectivity in your office? From the acquisition to installation of wireless access points to cellular backup failover devices, whatever problems you may be facing with dead spots, lapses in internet connectivity or emergency situations such as loss of power after a hurricane—User Friendly can help.


For businesses with field reps, technicians or other employees working remotely that need to access the company network, User Friendly can consult, purchase and handle setup of the most up-to-date and cost-effective mobile devices to meet your company’s needs.

Improved Performance = Increased Profitability

We provide our clients with the right business hardware to help them operate with the speed, agility and security levels required for peak performance.  And because we purchase hardware solutions for hundreds of business clients, we are able to leverage our purchasing power to pass on our steep discounts to our clients.

Learn how User Friendly can improve your business performance with a free onsite hardware and network review today.