Looking for guidance on how to cut costs and leverage technology solutions to get the most out of your business?  User Friendly can assess your existing technology infrastructure and help your business make sense of how to finally put technology to work for you.  Here are just a few of the areas where User Friendly can provide technology consulting to help your South Florida small business be its best:


Having access to critical information about your network such as a list of business equipment, IP Addresses and staff members logins and passwords is extremely important when a situation arises. Very few companies have this information and it can be difference in getting issues resolved or accessing important information when you need it most. Every new User Friendly client receives a complimentary Technology Guide as part of our onboarding process so your network documentation is secure and available when you need it most.


Network security is critical to the proper functioning of your technology network. No network is ever 100% secure against threats, but putting some very simple security measures in place can mean the difference between a healthy operating business and viruses, security breaches, lost data or Ransomware attacks—which can result in extended downtime and major financial losses to your business. At little expense, User Friendly can audit and protect your network from most common attacks so that downtimes and operational losses are kept to a minimum, if not eliminated entirely.


Every business has unique issues and maintenance requirements. At User Friendly, we believe that your business deserves to receive a technology support and maintenance program that your business actually needs, not what is best for your IT company. We make sure every client starts with a healthy technology foundation and from there, if necessary, can create monthly or quarterly monitoring programs that give you the exact services your business needs to get ahead of technology problems and keep your business running smoothly.


Internet Services are critical to every business and yours is no different. It is important to know your options when it comes to which providers you have access to and ultimately how to make sure you’re getting the best voice and data service at the best price. We work closely with all of the major internet service providers and can both consult to help your business find the right solution as well as find timely resolutions to problems or lapses in service when they occur, so you can focus on what you do best.

Working with your technology vendors can be time consuming and sometimes just confusing. User Friendly can help. We help our clients find the right technologies for their business and can work with those vendors directly on your behalf to quickly resolve issues and make sure you are getting the most out of their products and services. Let us leverage our experience to make sure you are getting the best solutions, terms and pricing available for your business.

Moving offices presents many challenges. The last thing you want to worry about is making sure your technology equipment and network are running properly when you do. User Friendly specializes in office moves and can handle everything from cabling and wiring, installing security cameras and access points, setting up servers, firewalls, and routers and reinstalling and networking your business machines. Let User Friendly be your one-stop IT partner for your office move so you can focus on the rest.


South Florida business are presented with unique challenges each year as hurricane season approaches. Making sure that your business is able to run when power isn’t available or internet services are down can be critical to your business. When time is money, you need a plan that allows your business to get back up and running as quickly as possible. User Friendly provides effective and affordable business continuity and redundancy solutions to keep you connected to your staff and customers when those inevitable interruptions happen.


Are you seeking software programs to help your business run efficiently but don’t know where to start? User Friendly can help you solve your business problems and get you into the right software solutions to maximize efficiencies, save time and money and promote business growth. Our consultants will sit down with you, take the time to understand your business needs, perform research and provide you with the best solutions to tackle your most difficult business problems.   Whether CRM, Inventory Management, Accounting, HR and Payroll, Project Management, Practice Management, ERP or custom solutions, User Friendly can help.

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