At User Friendly Technology Services, we understand how important your computer network systems are to your business, and we focus on designing solutions that will meet your company’s specific needs. As technology consultants with over 40 years of experience, we help small businesses across the United States streamline their operations and gain a competitive edge.

What sets us apart?

Any Business/Any Industry

Our comprehensive services for small businesses bring you the expertise and advantages that an on-site IT department can provide – tailored to fit your needs – and at a fraction of the cost.

No Contracts or Monthly Fees

Our services are not subscription based, so you will have the ability and the freedom to determine exactly how to use us.

Your Information Belongs to You

Your company’s important technology information belongs to you.  We will compile and maintain all of your company’s network documentation and will provide all of that information to you and keep it up-to-date.  You will always have everything you need to move to a different provider if we don’t earn your business every day.

Purchasing Power

Working with User Friendly will provide you with access to our network of providers with the financial benefits of our enterprise level purchasing power; we pool the buying power of all of our clients to ensure the best possible prices, and our rates are up to 40% lower than comparable services.

Virtual IT Department

We will be your virtual IT Department – providing you with solutions for computers, networks, phones and all of your technical needs.

24/7 Live Support

There is always someone answering our phones – we have live support available 24/7, and are always here to help when needed.  95% of our clients’ issues can be handled remotely within minutes, so you won’t be left waiting for issues to be resolved.

Custom Maintenance Plan

Working in conjunction with you and your team, User Friendly will generate a fully customized preventative and proactive maintenance program based specifically on your needs.

Vendor Management and Contract Negotiation

We will analyze your existing telephone, Internet and software contracts to ascertain cost savings and negotiate on your behalf with the vendors.

Quarterly Technology Review Meetings

Strategic meetings will be held to look back at the previous quarter, determine what changes have been made and analyze your current technology needs; it also provides an understanding of your company’s focus for the coming quarter and plan for next steps.