Voice and data cabling, structured cabling, ethernet cabling, wiring and network cables are all terms used for structured cabling. Structured cabling is the copper or fiber wiring in the walls that connect your computer, phone, wireless access points, cameras, copiers and other devices to your data and phone network. Without them we would not have any network capabilities. These cables also provide power to devices such as cameras, wireless access points and phones via power over ethernet (PoE) technology. User Friendly uses only high-end cabling products in our structured wiring solutions, all backed by manufacturer warranties. We provide our customers with a physical cabling infrastructure capable of supporting all devices and applications designed in accordance with today’s technology standards. Our job at User Friendly is to design and install a complete voice and data cabling solution specific to your business needs and budget while providing comprehesive service and support during and post-installation.


User Friendly is capable of wiring any existing office environment, office renovation or new building project as well as handling the difficult and laborious task of terminating wires. Our expert technicians are true professionals and can handle any office buildout. We possess decades of experience so that your project gets completed on time and correctly without any delays.


Setting up a server rack requires true professional experience and know-how. Proper equipment and organization are key to making a server room functional, efficient and easy to manage. Our rack design and implementation services are designed to make your server room one that any technology professional will be able to manage efficiently, allowing your technology environment room for growth while keeping your business running at full speed.


To create efficiencies in the management of your technology network, it is imperative that all equipment be labeled clearly and properly. User Friendly can handle tone out and labeling services for new equipment installs as well as existing technology infrastructures so your IT environment is well-organized and manageable for present and future operations.